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  • Interviewer : Do you ever get sick of signing autographs?
  • Tom Delonge : Sometimes it's kind of work, but when you run into someone who's been into the band since Day One, it makes it worthwhile.
  • Interviewer : Why get started in a clothing line like Atticus (Tom and Mark's line) or Famous Stars And Stripes (Travis' label)?
  • Tom : Hey, we gotta waste this money somehow. Besides, it may make us more if people actually buy it.
  • Interviewer : You guys are maturing, but you still call out for boobies. Why?
  • Tom : Boobies are nice. I will not steer you wrong. We don't do it as much, but if the odd pair of boobays come our way, we aren't going to shun them.
  • Interviewer : How is marriage treating you?
  • Tom : Mark and I have been married for a while now — not to each other — we've had girlfriends for about five years, so we've been whipped for a while.
  • Interviewer : What about all of those willing groupies out there?
  • Tom : I'm not into 12 year olds, man. People seem to think we're more sluts than we really are. I just bring my friend from Southern California and pawn the girls off on him. He tells me the stories as I chase him around masturbating.

I knew there would be a lot of Angels & Airwaves [comparisons], but that’s because I’ve been doing [Angels] for seven straight years now. [In that time] I learned how to sing better, I learned how to write, I learned how to produce, I learned how to do everything. So the idea that I was not going to use my skills would make my contribution to [Neighborhoods] terrible.

Tom DeLonge on “Up All Night”, AP magazine (via sodanger0usanxiety)

haters gonna hate!

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  • He’s supah nice.
  • He’s supah cool.
  • He flails his arms around in AvA.
  • He plays geetar.
  • He sings nice.
  • He has a nice voice.
  • He is really tall.
  • He has great humor.
  • He is great with fans and meeting people.
  • He cares a lot about his work and everyone who…

I’m seeing on people’s blogs “I love Mark more”, “I love Tom more”. Well you know who I love more?



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